DanceMaster.com was founded in 1998. At first it was a resource and product site for Street Dance history, clothing and music. Over the years, we have seen the entertainment industry change drastically due to social media. During the 80s and 90s, certain types of marketing were the norm.  A record company had to pay many thousands of dollars just to place their product in a store.  This same method has become the norm within the industry as it exists today.  Now the online distributors and streaming services have picked up where the large stores had left off. "Greed" is what has continued after the demise of the old guard record industry. Based on this situation, we have decided to convert DanceMaster.com into a multimedia, digital download distribution platform and online retail store. The site features unique and exclusive product available only on DanceMaster.com. Our goal is to treat our customer to an easy experience and treat the content makers with the respect that they deserve. Please enjoy the site.