Complete Generations album. 10 songs available on digital download MP3 file format only. Just unzip and play. Song list: 1 - I Can’t Forget You, 2 - You Are The One, 3 - Small Town In The City, 4 - Keep On Try’n, 5 - Message In A Bottle, 6 - I Need Someone, 7 - You Are Mine, 8 - Todo Eso, 9 - Thinking Bout Yesterday, 10 - You Can’t Take Me Down
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RT 2018 Music Legacy

In 2015, guitarist Thomas Guzman-Sanchez found a recording that his dad, (Guitarist) Rafael Guzman-Sanchez made in his neighbor’s apartment in 1957. It was recorded on a disc cutter recording device. The neighbor recorded Rafael with his wife Connie, playing a song written in 1956 called “Todo Eso”. Thomas, a founding member of the recording group Rhythm Tribe, pledged to complete the song, fusing together the original recording with present day live instrumentation and vocals. Thomas chose to rebuild the band Rhythm Tribe after not recording for 20 years. The group now features his son Mason, who is a fourth generation guitarist, his daughter Brisa on lead vocals and Esau Garcia on Hybrid Drums/Percussion.

The Guzman-Sanchez family has been playing music since 1915. Rafael “Fello” Sanchez is a legendary Cuartista and guitarist from Corozal, Puerto Rico. Rafael Guzman-Sanchez, also born in Corozal P.R., was a professional guitarist and singer who performed on radio throughout the 50’s. He also innovated a new rhythmic approach to Guaracha music. Thomas is the third generation of professional musician. He is the founder of Rhythm Tribe (Zoo/BMG 1989-94, VRL Muzic 1995-present). Mason, age 23, is a fourth generation guitarist, and Brisa, age 20, with her R&B stylized vocals, represent a new generation of musicians as a family. Thomas was inspired to reach out to his kids to see if they wanted to start a new incarnation of Rhythm Tribe. It was their collective decision that has made this new album possible. Together, they’ve called the album “Generations.”

Thomas enlisted the rhythmic mastery from the great Esau Garcia, a musical veteran who has innovated a new hybrid concept of Drums/Percussion. Together, these four comprise a fresh, new line-up of a group that has garnered international acclaim for their energetic and innovative take on modern Latin music: Dave Marsh wrote in 1990, “Rhythm Tribe is the greatest Latin hybrid since Santana.” Their new “Acid Latin” sound takes them to a place never traveled.

Radio stations across the country are finally playing pop hits with Spanish lyrics. From pop to rap, both have evolved to reflect this industrial change. As pioneers in music and rhythm, their “Acid Latin” sound is a cultural fusion that comes from the heart. For two years they have been working together writing 10 new songs that pull from many influences combining Latin, R&B, Rock and Pop music. The sound is simple, two flamenco guitars, hybrid drums/percussion and vocals. The uniqueness is in how these instruments have been used to express a timely feeling and message.

The new “Generations” project was recorded at NRG Studios, North Hollywood, CA over a three-day period and mastered by Howie Weinberg. Six songs were filmed at EVS in Burbank and cut into music videos/mini documentaries. Their musical mastery and Acid Latin approach take this Rhythm Tribe to a new level in rhythm and the next level in music.

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