EXCLUSIVELY on Digital file of the complete song, "YOU'LL BE THERE / ESTARAS ALLI" from Rhythm Tribe.
Manufacturer: VRL Muzic

In 2024, VRL Muzic recording artist Rhythm Tribe, made up of a multi generational family with over 100 years of a musical legacy, has now defined Neo Soul - Latin Fusion, which is a style of music that they have developed. Beginning with their first single “You’ll Be There / Estaras Alli,” which is a fusion of Puerto Rican Aguinaldo, Martillo, Bomba, and Neo Soul. This single is now competing for “Song of the Year” and “Best Tropical Song” in the 2025 Latin Grammy’s. The vocalist Brisa Guzman-Sanchez takes both Spanish and English lyrics creating something emotional and heart throbbing. “You’ll Be There / Estaras Alli” encapsulates that unexpected last shared moment with a loved one. Their new sound combines the unique guitar artistry of Thomas and Mason Guzman-Sanchez, held together with the insatiable rhythms of Esau Garcia. Rhythm Tribe has added Karthik Suresh on both Upright and Electric Bass and Drummer, Louie Pereira, to make a powerful musical sextet.


Cover Photo: Aniya Henry