Underground Dance Masters: Final History of a Forgotten Era (Digital Audio Book) available soon

Digital audio book version of Underground Dance Masters: Final History of a Forgotten Era is available for download. The book is read by the Author Thomas Guzman-Sanchez.




Following a phone call from my brother Paul in early 1993, is when I realized I had to write down my memories of our lives as street dancers. I started, first with the members of my group Chain Reaction. I then felt compelled to find the other OG's in the street dance scene. This was when I reached out to those who I had never known and whose history I had to discover. I became obsessed with the challenge that was before me.

With every reconnection with an old dancer came a sense of elation. Sadly, an old attitude would eventually show itself. It was the old ignorant street dancer mentality. This was an insecurity and arrogance that existed in the early years. I thought because they were older they had grown up. Sadly that was not the case. It appeared they matured but did not release their envy.

Following the first filming in April of 1994 other street dancers became accessible to me. Like when I finally found Sam Solomon who was living and fixing cars in front of his little house in West Fresno. My brother, our cameraman and I arrived in Fresno in 1995 to film him. When I pressed him about his original group member Tick'n Will Green, he immaturely barked out that Will doesn't talk to anybody and he speaks for Will. I knew that he was telling half-truths. I remember feeling stuck and I thought I could not find any more information. The reality was that I was only about 8% done with the study. I would spend another 10 years pondering and trying to figure a way to break through to find the truth.

It was after dealing with so many lies and personal agenda when I had to figure a way to verify and date information that was told to me. This is when I perfected my own DVM (Date Verification Method). In 2006 I luckily found two missing 8mm tapes of Sam Solomon from 1994. Looking at this video with fresh eyes is when I was amazed to find the truth buried in his lies. In 2008 as the study and film began to receive awards, it led me to a book deal for the manuscript that I originally started writing first. It only became a documentary after I couldn't get it published right away.

Since 2000 my brother and I have traveled the world educating and sharing our knowledge. Sadly, there are some who take this art way to seriously. We have survived physical attacks and worst from delusional wanna-be's that take the art way to serious. This has never caused me to back down. If anything it has strengthened my resolve. The reason it took 20 years is that I wanted to make sure I had everything before I spoke out. I have approached it like an attorney building an airtight case. It's all about the integrity of the facts. Now I know that after I'm gone our history and culture will be known forever. When I 'm asked, why did it take so long, I simply say, It unfolded when it was ready and there was no way to make it go any faster.

Thomas Guzman-Sanchez
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